Mary Kay Intouch

Mary Kay InTouch is an online community and web site designed specifically for Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultants in the United States. It provides tools and resources to help consultants manage, grow, and succeed with their Mary Kay businesses.

Some key features of Mary Kay InTouch include:

– Business management tools – Consultants can access reports on their team and sales, submit orders, track inventory, manage customers, and more. This allows them to efficiently run their business online.

– Training and education – There are training materials, videos, and guides on topics like selling techniques, leadership, marketing, and managing a team. This helps consultants develop their skills.

– Product information – Detailed information and images of Mary Kay’s product line are available. This helps consultants promote and sell the products.

– Marketing materials – Consultants can download brochures, flyers, images, email templates, and more. These help them market their business.

– Community forums – Consultants can connect with each other through discussion boards to get advice, share best practices, and more.

– Events and news – Upcoming events, contests, and company news are shared on the site.

– Recognition and rewards – Consultants can track their achievements and progress towards incentive rewards and prize programs.

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