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Lowe’s is known for providing excellent customer service and support to all of its customers, from individual homeowners to large corporate accounts. Here’s an overview of Lowe’s corporate customer service options and why they are highly rated.

Contact Information for Lowe’s Corporate Customer Service

There are a few main ways to get in touch with Lowe’s corporate customer services team:

  • Phone: Call 1-800-445-6937. This number connects you with Lowe’s main customer service line where agents can assist corporate accounts.
  • Online Contact Form: Fill out the online contact form on the Lowe’s website. Choose “Corporate Accounts” for the topic when submitting.
  • Email: Email [email protected] for any inquiries or issues related to your business account.

Lowe’s also has localized customer service options based on your closest retail location. You can find contact information for your nearest Lowe’s store on the store locator.

Services for Corporate Customers

Lowe’s offers a range of services tailored towards corporate and business clients:

  • Dedicated Account Managers: Large corporate accounts are assigned an account manager who understands your business needs and can provide personalized support.
  • Volume Discounts: Depending on your purchase volume, Lowe’s offers discounts on bulk purchases of products and materials for business use.
  • Job Site Delivery: You can schedule delivery of large orders directly to your work site or job location.
  • Job-Lot Quantities: Lowe’s can fulfill large single orders of bulk quantities instead of you having to purchase many separate orders.
  • Project Planning: Your account manager can collaborate with you to plan, estimate, and provide recommendations for large-scale projects.
  • After Hours Support: For emergency needs, corporate customers can receive special after hours support by contacting their account manager.
  • Equipment Rentals: Lowe’s offers rental of tools, equipment, and machines that may be needed for big commercial jobs.
  • Lowe’s for Pros Loyalty Program: Corporate accounts can enroll in this program to receive points on purchases and redeem for discounts.

What Makes Lowe’s Corporate Customer Service Highly Rated

There are a few key reasons why Lowe’s receives high marks for their corporate customer service:

  • Knowledgeable and responsive account managers – Lowe’s ensures its account managers are experts in the products, services, and programs that corporate clients need. They provide timely and helpful responses.
  • Wide range of business services – From bulk discounts to job site deliveries to equipment rentals, Lowe’s offers a comprehensive suite of services to meet business needs.
  • Easy ordering and delivery – Corporate accounts have access to expedited ordering and delivery options to keep their operations running smoothly.
  • Pro loyalty program – The loyalty program provides additional savings and perks for corporate customers.
  • Commitment to corporate clients – Lowe’s focuses on developing long-term relationships with its corporate clients and understanding their pain points.
  • Local store support – Even with a corporate account, customers can still leverage the expertise and convenience of their neighborhood Lowe’s location.

Key Takeaways About Lowe’s Corporate Customer Service

  • Contact by phone, online form, or email to reach Lowe’s corporate customer support.
  • Dedicated account managers provide personalized service and discount assistance.
  • Delivery, equipment rental, and other services cater to business needs.
  • The Pro loyalty program offers extra savings for corporate accounts.
  • Lowe’s earns high marks for knowledgeable staff and commitment to corporate clients.

With excellent customer service and a variety of business programs, it’s clear why Lowe’s is a leading choice for corporate and commercial customers looking for a home improvement supply partner.

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