Safety & Security Conferences

As a professional in the defense and security industry, you should not miss any opportunity to improve your game plan for difficult and emergency situations including acts of terrorism, natural disasters, espionage, and cyber-attacks. Let AudioSolutionz be your trusted advisor in the field with our safety and security conferences for busy professionals at the global, national, and local levels.

At AudioSolutionz, we have an array of expert speakers from the field of Defense and Security with acclaimed knowledge and experience. Through our defense and security conferences, they can provide you with the latest techniques to:

  • improve strategies for emergency planning, coordination and response
  • focus on decreasing workplace violence and preventing mass shootings
  • ensure security compliance and corporate cyber security
  • promote inter-agency cooperation for bomb threats on public university campuses
  • master the technological arms race in the security industry today
  • understand regulations in place for cutting-edge technology in the security industry including drones and other new surveillance techniques

AudioSolutionz sessions are hosted by professionals in the field and are competitively priced, with the added convenience of attending a live security conference from the comfort of your home or office. Every session is followed by a Q&A; round with the speaker. Further, you are provided with all the presentation materials for future reference; recordings of all past conferences or webinars are available in the form of DVDs and PDF transcripts. If you can’t attend any of the live conferences and webinars, you can always purchase a pre-recorded or on-demand training session. Don’t forget to sign up for updates on available defense conferences, too; we’re always adding new material to our schedule!