HR Compliance & Employment Law Training

Human Resources is the backbone of any business; rather than serving a single function, it is a huge network which supports anything that could be described as an employer-employee relationship. These days, HR is no longer limited to performing a supporting role, but has taken increasingly strategic significance in the world of business as employees and their effective utilization are often the source of a company’s competitive advantage.

To succeed in such an environment requires that you constantly refresh your understanding of employment law and simultaneously enhance and update your employee management skills. Let AudioSolutionz, a leader in continuing education for professionals, be your guide to the field. Our pool of industry insiders shows you:

  • newer ways of working with employees
  • more successful ways of recruiting the best talent
  • techniques to foster the creation of a better corporate culture
  • easier means of ensuring employment paperwork compliance
  • better HR strategies to retain and improve your workforce

At AudioSolutionz, we have the answers to all your human resources training needs. Not only do we provide you guidance and insights on current topics, but our HR Training presentations cover key foundational topics of HR and employment laws such as hiring and firing, payroll, performance evaluation, FMLA, retirement, orientation programs, workforce culture, employee engagement and much more.

Tune in with one of our live webinars and talk directly to the experts; alternatively, for convenience, you can watch an on-demand pre-recorded conference, purchase DVDs of past conferences, or read PDF transcripts of our HR training events.