Getting in Touch with Mary Kay through Mary Kay InTouch

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Mary Kay is a popular cosmetics company that has been empowering women through beauty products and business opportunities since 1963. The company prides itself on its high-quality skincare, makeup, and fragrances as well as its unique direct sales business model.

One way that Mary Kay consultants and customers can stay connected to the company and access useful information and tools is through Mary Kay InTouch. This online portal acts as a hub for all things Mary Kay.

How to Get Access to Mary Kay InTouch

Access to Mary Kay InTouch is limited to Independent Beauty Consultants and Mary Kay customers only. Here is how to get access:

  • Mary Kay Consultants – All independent consultants are given a Mary Kay InTouch login after signing their consultant agreement. Consultants will receive an email with login details.
  • Mary Kay Customers – Customers can request access to Mary Kay InTouch by contacting their consultant. The consultant then sends them an email invitation to create an account.
  • New Customers – Buyers who don’t have a consultant can call Mary Kay customer service at 1-800-272-9333 to request a Mary Kay InTouch login. Provide your name, shipping address, email, and phone number.

Once access is granted, users can login to Mary Kay InTouch by going to the website and entering their username and password. Mary Kay recommends using a laptop or desktop computer to access all available portal features.

Key Sections and Features of Mary Kay InTouch

Some key sections of the Mary Kay InTouch portal include:


  • Shop – Browse the catalog and purchase any Mary Kay products.
  • Current Orders – Track open orders and shipping status.
  • Order History – View placed orders and details like date, total, and status.

Business Management (Consultants)

  • My Customers – Manage customer profiles, contact info, and order history.
  • My Team – View your unit team members and their contact information.
  • Reports – Sales reports, weekly accomplishment sheets, and commission status.

Information & Training

  • Mary Kay News – Corporate announcements, contest details, promotions, etc.
  • Learning Center – Videos, online courses, and downloadable training material.
  • Events – Information on Mary Kay seminars and events.
  • Marketing Center – Downloadable logos, product images, and promotional material.

Connecting with Mary Kay

  • Company Contacts – Phone numbers and email addresses for Mary Kay customer service.
  • Virtual Events – Webinars and online events hosted by Mary Kay.
  • Message Boards – Forums for consultants to engage with the Mary Kay community.

Account Management

  • My Account – Update personal info, change password, etc.
  • Preferences – Manage email subscriptions and notification settings.

This covers some of the most useful areas of Mary Kay InTouch to help users learn, connect, and manage their Mary Kay business or purchases. The portal is full of helpful features tailored specifically to the Mary Kay community.

Contacting Mary Kay Customer Service through InTouch

If users ever need assistance with Mary Kay InTouch or have questions about Mary Kay products or business, the portal provides several ways to contact customer service:

  • Phone – Call 1-800-272-9333 to reach a Mary Kay customer service representative.
  • Email – Email [email protected] for customer support.
  • Message Boards – Post questions on the “Ask Customer Service” board to get help from Mary Kay staff.
  • Virtual Chat – During business hours, chat live with a customer service agent through the portal.
  • Service Center – Submit customer support tickets or feedback through the Service Center.

Having quick access to Mary Kay customer service can help users get issues resolved or questions answered while using the Mary Kay InTouch portal.

Get Connected with Mary Kay InTouch

In summary, Mary Kay InTouch is the online portal that lets Independent Beauty Consultants and customers fully engage with the Mary Kay brand. By providing features for shopping, business management, training, and communication, it helps users stay up-to-date on all things Mary Kay. Consultants and customers alike should be sure to take advantage of all the valuable resources available through Mary Kay InTouch.

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